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Fiesta Haus

Fiesta Haus



Est'd in Oct 2021 by Jose and Rachel Torres. Jose is a native Texan, born and raised in San Antonio, and has been in the USCG since 2004. Rachel grew up in Virginia Beach, Va and is a Registered Nurse.We've been married since 2009, we have a miracle rainbow baby boy named Joey, and a beagle named Rexy.

We had been discussing plans for when Jose retires from the USCG (2024 is coming fast!) and decided we wanted to own our own business. We started exploring the idea of inflatable rentals after our son's first birthday when we rented one. Two years later, Jose was selected for a position based out of his home town (where we already planned to move to after he retired to start the business) and we settled in to our new home in New Braunfels, TX. Rachel found a flexible nursing job, making a specialty change away from ICU (Pandemic burnout anyone?) and we decided since we won't have to move again, to just go for it, and open the business now. We are excited to serve the community in which our son will grow up, and bring extra joy to your next event!

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