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Texas Powdered By Solar

Texas Powdered By Solar

With a goal to get renewable energy on every roof in Texas, our innovative approach to utilities will change the industry for good. We strive to expand renewable energy access for all.

Solar Buyback – What is it?
The Solar Tax Credit Since the federal government’s approval for the 26% solar tax credit, installing solar panels on your home in Texas is picking up momentum, and it isn't just for environmentalists anymore. As the popularity of solar increases, and the costs...

Are Solar Rebates worth it in Texas?
Solar Panels: The Decision Drive around New Braunfels today and you will see solar panels everywhere. In terms of making the move to go solar, you're pretty much sold, along with 2.5 million other homeowners in the US, and it makes sense: They last for 25 years or...

Should I lease my Solar Panels?
What Is A Solar Buyback? If you’re wondering what a ‘Solar Buyback’ is, it's exactly what the name suggests. Your local energy provider will buy back the extra energy that you produce. Your agreement with them will vary though, as not every provider will pay you back...

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