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Kerstin O'Shields

Body Language Strategist

With 25 years of training and performing in theater and opera, I have acquired an in-depth knowledge of all levels of communication. I help International speakers, best selling authors, performance professionals competing at national levels, and business executives looking to establish themselves as leaders in their industries.

When I realized that the same nuanced gestures, postures, and expressions impacted every one of my contacts off stage, I set about developing the type of training I experienced for my stage career and adapting it to the communications of everyday life. I bring these unique skills, talents and understanding of non-verbal communication to life in a customizable program that impacts how each of us is viewed and received. With the skill set of enhanced body language, you can create influence without saying a word.

Understanding the power of, and strategically applying, personal presence in conjunction with a heightened awareness of the target audience will allow you to create and manage a presentation environment that will capture the attention of your audience, instill trust in you and your message, convey a better message, and thus collectively improve the retention of your presentation.

I also enjoy working and encouraging the youth in the Greater Seattle Area by teaching the fundamentals of expression and technique in vocal performance and preparing young adults for success in the workforce. I have enjoyed multiple performances and speaking engagements focused on the ingrained connection of physical presentation to increase the ability to create meaningful connections and an increase in business.

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Kerstin O'Shields
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