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Dr. Caitlin Walker

As a dance instructor, physical therapist, organizational leader, and development coach and consultant, Dr. Caitlin C. Walker has worked consistently to empower others. Originally from the Rio Grande Valley, she has served the rural and under-resourced communities of central Texas for over a decade, and has provided development support for individuals and organizations throughout the country and around the world. She is working to make the world a kinder and more equitable place by improving the accessibility of development opportunities with creativity and compassion.

In addition to her clinical doctorate in physical therapy, Dr. Walker holds certifications in life and executive coaching, organizational development, learning and development, and diversity and inclusion. She is also currently completing her Master of Business (MBA) and a graduate certificate in learning design and technology.

DRC Development offers a holistic approach to coaching and consulting with a variety of services for individuals and organizations including:

career coaching
time and stress management coaching
leadership training
strategic planning facilitation
instructional design
fitness training
dance instruction
physical therapy
injury prevention training


San Marcos, TX, USA

Dr. Caitlin Walker
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