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Kyle Kieke

Founding Member

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I’ve been in the construction industry for most of my career and am also a proud veteran of the United States Army.  I’m currently the Managing Partner of Recon Siteworks, a commercial concrete company that is located in New Braunfels, TX and serves San Antonio, Austin, and the Hill Country. 
I’ve also believed that success requires surrounding yourself with the right people at all different levels, which is something that I promote heavily with my customers and is a cornerstone of my business.  This is one of the reasons why I believe joining Texas Emerging Leaders is a good fit, even if other members aren’t necessarily involved in my industry.  There are so many things which are out of people’s control, but attitude is 100% self-controlled, and positivity breeds more positivity. 
People have many different definitions of leadership, but I believe that a great leader leads from the front and would never ask someone to do something they wouldn’t be willing to do themselves.  I believe a great leader can harness the strengths of an individual and support their weaknesses in order to help that person be successful. 
Kasey and I live here in New Braunfels, where she is an elementary school teacher and we have three children.  I like being hunting, fishing, being outdoors, and a good bourbon!

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