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Ashley Mills


Ashley Mills

Founding Member

I am Ashley Mills and I own Right Angle Inspection and Right Angle Pest Services with my husband, Danny Mills. I manage the office, marketing, and scheduling for both companies.

Prior to owning these two companies, I was a full-time Dental Hygienist for 14 years. I still hold my license, in Dental Hygiene, and occasionally do some temporary work. You will also see me promoting BURST Oral Care where I am a brand Ambassador.

Why did I make the switch to managing and owning my own business? Four reasons: I was ready for a change after 11-12 years of dental hygiene, I am fascinated and love the real estate industry and looking at the homes on the market, I like interacting with people, and then COVID hit. My husband started the home inspection business himself and he just got very busy and needed more help. We slowly transitioned me from full-time hygiene to full time scheduling and marketing of Right Angle Inspection.

When I heard about Texas Emerging Leaders, I knew I should get involved. I believe in leading by servant leadership. This group can align me with other people who are looking to become better leaders so we can mentor each other and spread good into our teams, our communities, and beyond.

In my spare time, you will find me reading leadership, self help, and positivity books. There is something special about being outdoors, I enjoy walks, yoga, and traveling across the United States on adventure trips in my ATV with my husband. Recently in the last few years, I have taken more joy in cooking and gathering around a table to enjoy fellowship and food with friends and family over a great glass of wine or beer.

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