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Eric Newland

(830) 643-4386

Eric Newland

Founding Member

I am REALTOR® with House Hunters NB, working with my favorite REALTOR®, Mercy Boatright. I recently retired from over thirty years in the United States Army.

From the first invite to a Texas Emerging Leaders (TEL) event – I knew I could fit. Meeting Chris and Liz Sanger and knowing they were the leadership convinced me that I was joining the right tribe here in New Braunfels.

I do what I do because I care about helping people find their ultimate castle or refuge for their lives. A home really is one of the most important decisions we make in life, it helps shape how we go into the world and make our living, it supports how we raise our families, and is for many the largest investment they make in their lives. After leading America’s Sons and Daughters in the Army for many years, I decided I wanted to be part of that important decision in people’s lives.

In my free time I spend time with my wife, read, play chess, swim and when I have time – go hunting or shooting. I am also a very big fan of eating out and different restaurants and trying different ethnic foods. Having lived in 6 countries and traveled to over 30 countries these last 30 years, I find it very exciting to engage, learn, and grow my understanding of so many varied cultures from around the world. Food can tell you a lot about a culture.

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