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Raman Sandhu


Raman Sandhu

Founding Member

I am Raman Sandhu, Owner of CTX Indoor Billboard Network. This is a local advertising company. I started this company to provide efficient/affordable advertising and Digital Marketing Services (DMS) to the local businesses in our community. I invite everyone to reach out to me for any size advertising needs to grow your business. I learned leadership in my early age when I led my field hockey team as the captain of the team. You need to lead the minds of 16 players with one target in my mind to give your best for 75 minutes on the field. The traits of leadership stayed with me throughout my life but I feel that I still need to learn from all of you business leaders. I joined Texas Emerging Leaders (TEL) to meet other business leaders and build relationships. I love networking aspect of TEL in order to learn from each other and help each other.

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