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Taylor Downs


Taylor Downs

Emerging Member

OUR BRAND Saskuatch Outfitters is an outdoor inspired apparel brand specializing in custom designs on high quality materials. All of our designs are created by husband and wife owners, Taylor & Travis.

OUR NAME Saskuatch means to "Release The Wild''. To us a sasquatch is mythical, mysterious, and wild. We made it unique to us by spelling the name in a new way and creating a brand that speaks to the wild outdoors.

OUR STORY Husband and wife, Taylor & Travis met in Dallas, Texas in 2015. We knew we wanted to create an apparel brand with fun unique designs and what better place than Central Texas! Our designs are inspired by our owners. Taylor was born in Alaska and grew up in the Midwest, and Travis is a Texan born and raised. You can find a fun mix of who we are in our designs.

OUR PRODUCTS Our products are unique in their design and materials. We are proud to say we are a GO TEXAN brand, you can find our go texan products on our store page, just look for the mark! We love the rivers and lakes of Texas so much that we created our hats with just that in mind. Our hats are either water repellant or they float!

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