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Thomas Ruthven


Thomas Ruthven

Founding Member
2024 Chairman
"Thomas Thomas"

Thomas Ruthven, affectionately known as "Thomas Thomas," is a distinguished figure in the sales and marketing industry, with a career spanning over four decades. His expertise primarily demonstrates a profound ability to connect with individuals ranging from end users to top corporate executives. Thomas' hands-on experience has equipped him with an unparalleled understanding of customer needs and market dynamics, making him a respected voice in the industry and community.

In September 2020, Thomas faced a life-altering challenge—a widow maker heart attack. This event, while daunting, marked the beginning of a new chapter. It led to the establishment of his current venture, Outlaw GraphiX & SignZ, where he serves as Founder and CEO. The company is not just a business but a community pillar, sponsoring local nonprofits that play a vital role in enhancing and supporting collective well-being. His commitment extends to a wide array of organizations, including River City Advocacy, Wreaths Across America, Stack Up, Hope Hospice, The Isabella Foundation, Lennon Aid, Room Redux, New Braunfels Community Respond Team and Search and Rescue, Turkey Drive Giveaway with New Braunfels House Hunters, and many more, reflecting his deep commitment to giving back to the community.

Moreover, Thomas played a foundational role in Texas Emerging Leaders, an organization dedicated to nurturing leadership and community involvement across the state. Jumping in with both feet, he quickly became deeply involved, demonstrating his commitment and leadership skills. In less than five years, his contributions and dedication were recognized as he was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors. This achievement highlights his influential role in shaping the future leaders of Texas and his unwavering commitment to fostering community engagement.

In his personal time, Thomas is also the founder and President of Texas Outlaw Jeepers, a community that shares his passion for Jeep vehicles and the adventurous lifestyle that comes with them. This group not only represents his interests outside of work but also emphasizes his ability to lead and bring people together around common passions.

Thomas Ruthven's career is a blend of professional success and personal resilience. His journey from a leading sales expert to a community-focused entrepreneur and leader exemplifies his ability to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and service.

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