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Stacey Walker
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Stacey A. Walker began her lifelong journey of teaching upon graduating from Southwestern University with her degrees in English and German, focusing on Secondary Education.  This journey continued through all aspects of her career: from teaching high school English and all level German classes; to creating and leading the IT Security Administration team for a national recognized insurance company;  onto training and coaching for over 10 years in the Oil and Gas industry; to coming back to her roots with The Learning Difference.  Every move Stacey has made over the years has been towards taking not only herself, but those around her to the next level. 

Raised in Austin, Texas, Stacey attended Southwestern University where she received her B.A. in English and German.  To further her quest for growth and knowledge, Stacey obtained her Master of Science in Project Management from The University of St. Mary’s of Minnesota. 

Stacey A. Walker is a principal member of The Learning Difference, where her mission statement remains: My goal is YOUR success, whether it be my team, my students, or my company.  I have a set vision for not only The Learning Difference but my students, and as such, my heart goes into making those visions a reality.

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