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Stephanie Solton
Founding Members

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I am a co-founder & the Development Director for ReGroup Foundation. I am an entrepreneur at heart. I enjoy the brainstorming, research, and launching of startups. 
I love planning fundraising events for charities & have produced 6 haunted houses raising almost $300k for charities in Plano, TX and Boulder, CO. 

My son is active duty Air Force. My fiancé is an Army veteran. I am eternally grateful for the select few citizens willing to serve in our armed forces to protect our country and freedoms no matter the cost to them or their families so I want to do anything I can to show them my appreciation. I’ve seen how challenging it can be for them to transition out of service so we do what we can to ease that transition. 
I love being outdoors! I garden, hike, snowboard, & enjoy anything involving water. Putting my feet in sand or ocean resets my entire being.  I love to travel!  I “grew up” at Whole Foods Market so I appreciate great food and have creative culinary skills. 

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